Electronic Document
Management System (EDMS)

The ECMS as a digital collaboration aims to improve workplace communication, collaboration, content management, document management and information flow across the organization and leads to increased productivity and employee efficiency.

Apart from work applications, the cloud is an essential part of the digital collaboration as it ensures that workplace can function beyond geographical boundaries and time zones.

Our Electronic Content Management System provides a centralized repository for the Knowledge of an Enterprise. A complete digital repository life cycle can be segregated into the following parts on our solution:

  • Information acquisition
  • Scan and import documents to the system
  • Document life cycle management
  • Archive and storage of documents
  • Index and organize documents
  • Document retrieval and distribution
EDMS Demo Video

ECMS Benefits

Improves Team Interaction

ECMS as a Digital collaboration tool plays a huge role in improving team interaction, especially among the geographically dispersed team members.

Quick Access to Information

ECMS in the workplace thus improves workflow by making sure employees have access to the right files and content at the right time. The ECMS provides a central location for all files, documents and other rich media.

Improved Government Business Execution

Digital collaboration tools such as the ECMS provide public sector employees with the ability and flexibility to work and tackle problems, wherever and whenever. Especially with the mobile-first approach of communication and collaboration, employees can be in the loop anytime they want.


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Federal Ministry of Civil Service

The Best Office Management System we’ve ever implemented.

Federal Ministry Environment

We automated our office operation using the ECMS and it has improved the general productivity of the Agency.